Automation Definitions

By setting your target ACOS, and look-back period, our algorithms are able to adjust bids daily to start driving towards your target ACOS.

Set parameters to look for Search Terms you want to convert in to Keywords automatically.

Set parameters to look for search terms you want to negate automatically.

Set parameters to adjust bids automatically on keywords that do not get enough/any impressions.

Using our ‘ACOS Efficiency Score’ KPI you can optimize for an appropriate amount of ‘testing’ spend to allow.

Set parameters in which you would like to allow an increase or decrease in campaign budget based on performance.

Set parameters to allow the addition of recommended keywords from Amazon

Automatically set the most efficient mix of placement adjustments for each campaign based on performance.

If a keyword was paused/negated due to performance, and delayed attribution allocated a new sale after – Reviver will prompt you to re-assess these targets.

Each pre-set has a different combination and parameters for each automation – based on the goal of the pre-set.

E.g. Launch is more aggressive on winning sales and doesn’t focus too much on ACOS optimizing